Interesting Facts About Titanium

You probably know that titanium is one of the strongest metals on the market today. Titanium is roughly twice as strong as aluminum is, despite weighing only about 60 percentЧитати далі »

Interesting Facts About Aluminum

There are a wide range of items you use made from aluminum. From bicycle frames and ladders to mailboxes and window frames to patio furniture and even car rims, youЧитати далі »

Interesting Facts About Invar

First discovered all the way back in the late 1800s, Invar is an alloy that’s made up of 64 percent iron and 36 percent nickel. Although it was originally usedЧитати далі »

Interesting Facts About Rhenium

Rhenium is an extremely rare metal with many properties that make it unique. It’s often used in powerful engines and plays a critical role in many chemical reactions. You canЧитати далі »

Посібник для початківця Молібден

Перший виявлених шлях назад у 1778, Молібден відомий за те, що дуже кування. Він також відомий за те, що дуже стійкі до корозії і за одним з найвищих плавлення… Читати далі »