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Interesting Facts About Niobium


has one of the most interesting back stories of all the elements that have ever been discovered. Way back in the early 1730s, a scientist named John Winthrop found an继续阅读 »

Cool Facts About Vanadium

If you’ve ever pedaled a bicycle or used a knife to cut up something in the kitchen, you may have benefitted from vanadium. Vanadium is an element that’s often used继续阅读 »

Interesting Facts About Tantalum

Tantalum has one of the highest melting points of all the elements on Earth. Its melting point sits at approximately 5,462 degrees Fahrenheit, which puts it behind only tungsten and继续阅读 »



钒可能不是众所周知的金属, 但其特点使其成为一些项目的理想选择. 虽然钒从来没有享受过其他一些金属的流行, 它… 继续阅读 »



铼是极为罕见的金属,具有不同的特点,使它适合于多种用途今天范围. 它有任何的最高沸点… 继续阅读 »