The Uses and Uniqueness of Kovar

Kovar has been in use for many decades. Despite its relatively long history, many people outside of engineering fields may never have heard of this valuable alloy. This is an继续阅读 »


锆是一个元素,常用的作为乳浊剂、 耐火材料, 虽然它用于在其他应用程序中以及. It was first discovered in the late 18th继续阅读 »


铼是极为罕见的金属,具有不同的特点,使它适合于多种用途今天范围. It has the highest boiling point of any of继续阅读 »


给"立方氧化锆的头脑只阅读词锆可能带来,"这是世界上最受欢迎的钻石模拟. 立方氧化锆及锆是非常不同的东西, but the average继续阅读 »