Kovar 的用途和唯一性

 可伐合金 Kovar 已经使用了几十年了. 尽管它的历史比较悠久, 许多在工程领域之外的人可能从来没有听说过这种宝贵的合金. 这是 kovar 的概述.

Kovar 的名字实际上是由特拉华公司注册的, CRS 控股, 公司. Kovar 第一次获得美国专利. 在 1936. 合金本身是由铁制成的, 镍, 和钴.

Kovar 的唯一性, 因而它的重要性, 它的热膨胀系数与硼硅酸盐玻璃非常相似 (硬玻璃) 或陶瓷. 这种合金的热膨胀系数不是事故. Kovar 是, 事实上, 精心制定以满足特定需要.

对金属与玻璃配对的挑战是每个都有不同的热膨胀系数。. 问题是, 当玻璃和金属被加热或冷却时, 它们会以不同的速率扩展和收缩, 并以各种数量. 因此, the hermetic seal between metal and glass components may be destroyed, or the glass may be broken, when the two are paired together and there is a change in temperature.

One common, everyday example of the need for an alloy that can be safely paired with glass is light bulbs. A light bulb made with a base that has a different coefficient of thermal expansion from glass would break quickly due to the heat that the bulb produces while in use. Kovar solves this problem because the alloy base and the glass bulb expand and contact at nearly the same rate.

Light bulbs are perhaps the most common example of the use of Kovar, but this alloy is used in many different products. Kovar is also used to manufacture x-ray tubes, microwave tubes, diodes, transistors, 和更多.

Kovar may not be a household name, but this incredible alloy is still used in products in every home.

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