Interesting Facts About Tungsten

Wolfram, which was first discovered about 350 years ago, is known for being one of the toughest elements found in nature. It’s extremely dense and is just about impossible toLes mer »

Where Was Vanadium First Found?

Vanadium may not be a well-known metal, but its characteristics make it an ideal choice for some projects. While vanadium has never enjoyed the popularity of some other metals, itLes mer »

The Uses and Uniqueness of Kovar

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En kort oversikt zirkonium

Zirkonium er et element som er brukt som opacifier og ildfast, Selv om den brukes i andre programmer. It was first discovered in the late 18thLes mer »

Hva er Rhenium brukes For?

Rhenium er en ekstremt sjeldent metall som har en rekke forskjellige egenskaper som gjør det ideelt for mange formål i dag. It has the highest boiling point of any ofLes mer »