Physical Properties
Atomic Number180.95
Density16.6 g/cc
Melting Point3290 K, 2996°C, 5462°F
Boiling Point5731 K, 6100°C, 9856°F
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (20°C)6.5 x 10(-6) / °C
Electrical Resistivity (20°C)13.5 microhms-cm
Electrical Conductivity13% IACS
Specific Heat.036 cal/g/°C
Thermal Conductivity.13 cal/cm(2)/cm°C/sec
Mechanical Properties
Ultimate Tensile Strength285 M Pa (41 ksi)
Yield Strength170 M Pa (25 ksi)
% Elongation30%+
%Reduction in Area80%+
Cold Worked
Ultimate Tensile650 M Pa
Strength(95 ksi)
% Elongation5%
Annealed90 HV
Cold Worked210 HV
Poisson’s Ratio0.35
Elastic Modulus Tension186 G Pa (27 x 10(-6) psi)
Ductile Brittle Transition Temperature< 75 ° K
Recrystallization Temperature900 – 1200 °C


Other alloys include:

  • 97% Tantalum; 2.5% Tungsten

This alloy is most useful in applications when low temperature strength is important as well as high corrosion resistance and good formability. This alloy is also higher in strength than pure Tantalum while maintaining good fabrication characteristics.

  • 90% Tantalum; 10% Tungsten

This alloy may be considered in high temperature applications up to 4500 degrees F. and high strength in a corrosive environment are required. This alloy has roughly twice the tensile strength of pure Tantalum, yet retains Tantalum’s corrosion resistance and most of pure Tantalum’s ductility.

Tantalum Applications

Tantalum alloy (Ta) is ductile, easily fabricated, highly resistant to corrosion by acids, and a good conductor of heat and electricity and has a high melting point. The major use for tantalum is for the production of electronic components, mainly tantalum capacitors. Major and end uses for tantalum capicitors include portable telephones, pagers, personal computers and automotive electronics. Alloyed with other metals, tantalum is also used in making carbide tools for metalworking and and in the production of superalloys for jet engine components

Favorable Characteristics
Corrosion resistance * Good Thermal Conductivity * High Melting Point 5425°F (2996° C) * Superior Gettering Characteristics * Good Valve Action * Tough, Durable & Ductile.

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