Eagle Alloys is an ISO Certified company that is a leading supplier and distributor of quality metals and alloys. Our staff prides itself on working fast, efficiently and courteously to get customers the information they need. Eagle Alloys Corporation provides quality products to customers globally as well as developed its expertise since its establishment and aim to achieve a high standard of goods and services to its customers.

Our staff has been providing metals to aerospace, commercial, military & defense, electronics, fabricators, chemical, industrial, machine shops, medical, nuclear, petrochemical, oil & gas, semiconductor, technology and many more around the world for a variety of work for over 35 years. Eagle Alloys stocks many standard and hard-to-find items for immediate delivery. We also supply custom items to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Eagle Alloys is a 3rd generation Family Owned business and is proud of the thousands of customers who have come to depend on our experience, expertise, quality and service.

We strive to meet your needs and requirements with the best customer service in the industry. 

Eagle Alloys Corporation