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    Eagle Alloys Corporation (EAC) is the leading global supplier of Molybdenum strip.  EAC stocks a wide variety of sizes in Molybdenum strip and can supply custom strip sizes with short lead times.

    Eagle Alloys Corporation can supply Molybdenum strip from 0.001” Thk up to 0.1875” Thk.  For thicker material EAC can supply plate up to 3” Thk.  If you do not see your Molybdenum strip size listed below, please contact our courteous sales team to assist you. Please view or print our Molybdenum stock list for our complete stock sizes and capabilities.

    In addition to commercially pure Molybdenum EAC also supplies TZM, Molybdenum Copper Alloys, Copper Cladded Molybdenum, and Molybdenum Rhenium Alloys

    Molybdenum strip is typically supplied to meet the requirements of ASTM-B-387 or ASTM-B-386, Type 360, Type 361, Type 363, Type 364, or Type 365. Custom grades available upon request and per customer specifications.

    Molybdenum is used for its extremely high melting point and relative flexibility. Molybdenum has a melting point of 2,623 °C.  Molybdenum has a high elastic modulus, and only tungsten and tantalum have higher melting points. When combined with steel and other metals, the bond gives the material a high resistance to extreme temperatures and chemical corrosion. This property is very useful when working with energy applications, reactive chemicals, high-intensity motors, filaments, industrial molds and more. Typical applications for Molybdenum are crucibles, evaporation boats, propulsion components,  x-ray tube, lighting industry, glass melting electrodes, high temperature furnaces, sputtering targets, heat sinks, heating elements, electrodes, stirrers, orifice plates, support members, mandrels, shields, sintering trays, filaments, furnace windings, thermocouple sheathes, nose cones, nozzles, jet tabs, contacts, brazing fixtures, boring bars, tools, heat radiation shields, cathodes, and aircraft and missile parts and nuclear energy applications where high temperature resistance is crucial.

    Eagle Alloys Molybdenum Strip Capabilities

    Size Range
    Max Size
    Typical Stock Size
    0.001" Thk up to 3" Thk
    24" max width, 120" max lengths
    8" x 12"& 12" x 12" & 12" x 36"
    *Custom sizes upon request

    Molybdenum Strip Stock Sizes Same Day Shipping (subject to prior sale)

    Molybdenum Strip
    • 0.025mm x 150mm x 120" coil
    • 2mm Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.001" Thk x 6"w x 36" coil
    • 0.002" Thk x 6" w x 36" coil
    • 0.003" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.005" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.010" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.015" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.020" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.025" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.030" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.040" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.050" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.060" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.080" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.090" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.100" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg
    • 0.125" Thk x 12"w x 36" Lg

    Common Industry Applications

    STATEMENT OF LIABILITY - DISCLAIMER Any suggestion of product applications or results is given without representation or warranty, either expressed or implied. Without exception or limitation, there are no warranties of merchantability or of fitness for particular purpose or application. The user must fully evaluate every process and application in all aspects, including suitability, compliance with applicable law and non-infringement of the rights of others Eagle Alloys Corporation and its affiliates shall have no liability in respect thereof.


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