Copper Tungsten Rod

Copper Tungsten Rod

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Eagle Alloys Corporation (EAC) is the leading global supplier of Copper Tungsten Alloy rod.  EAC stocks a wide variety of sizes in Copper Tungsten Alloy rod and can supply custom rod sizes with short lead times.

Eagle Alloys Corporation can supply Copper Tungsten Alloy rod from 0.125” Dia up to 20” Dia.  For smaller diameters EAC can supply wire as small as 0.002” Dia.  If you do not see your rod size listed below, please contact our courteous sales team to assist you. Please view or print our Copper Tungsten Alloy stock list for our complete stock sizes and capabilities.

Copper Tungsten Alloy rod is typically supplied to meet the requirements of ASTM-B-702 Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, Class E and RWMA (upon request).

Copper Tungsten Alloy metal composite materials produce dense hard metals with low thermal expansion, good thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent arc resistance, superior wear resistance and strength at elevated temperatures.

Copper Tungsten Alloy typical applications include high temperature furnace components, heat sinks, EDM electrodes, high-voltage discharge tubes, high voltage arc contacts, electrical contacts, vacuum contacts, electrodes for resistance welding and spark erosion, seam welding bearing inserts, leaders, balance weights, dies for castings, spreaders, microwave carriers, hermetic package bases and housings, ceramic substrate carriers, medical components, heating elements, high speed tools, flash and butt welding die inserts & facing, projection welding electrodes.

Eagle Alloys Copper Tungsten Rod Capabilities

Typical Stock Size
Copper Tungsten Rod
0.020" Dia
20" Dia
0.125" Dia up to 3" Dia x 12" Long
*Custom sizes upon request

Copper Tungsten Rod Stock Sizes Same Day Shipping (subject to prior sale)

Copper Tungsten Rod
  • 0.250” Dia x 8” Lg
  • 0.375” Dia x 8” Lg
  • 0.500” Dia x 8” Lg
  • 0.125” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 0.188” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 0.250” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 0.375” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 0.500” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 0.625” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 0.750” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 0.875” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 1” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 1.250” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 1.500” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 1.750” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 2” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 2.500” Dia x 12” Lg
  • 3” Dia x 12” Lg

Common Industry Applications

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