Eagle Alloys?

Eagle Alloys Corporation (EAC) is an ISO Certified Corporation and has been supplying the highest quality metal and metal alloys but is also a leading metal supplier of a wide variety of top-quality materials and finished products for over 35 years. Many items are available for immediate shipping, and  Eagle Alloys can supply custom grades, shapes, sizes and finished parts  to our customer’s specifications and drawings with short lead times.  We offer competitive pricing and unbeatable quality for all our metals, as well as helpful service to assist you at any step in your order. Eagle Alloys has distributed essential materials to leading companies in aerospace, chemical, commercial, defense, electronics, fabricators, industrial, machine shops, medical, military, nuclear, oil & gas, semiconductor, technology and many more.


Eagle Alloys Corporation is a family founded and operated ISO Certified Corporation and have been supplying the highest quality alloys for over 35 years


Our sophisticated alloys and essential mainstays are used in hundreds of different applications, from the capacitors that power your computers to the equipment that drives your plant.


With same day order turnaround on a massive range of stock sizes and profiles, Eagle Alloys is here to deliver a trusted partnership from custom product delivery to VMI options.


Everyone of our attentive and customer focused staff has the in depth knowledge to help find the exact alloy for your specific project needs. Our personal attention is what sets Eagle Alloys apart.