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Tungsten Electrodes Supplier For TIG Welding

Tungsten Electrodes For Sale

For over three decades, Eagle Alloys Corporation has served as a tungsten electrodes supplier for businesses in all sorts of industries. As longtime tungsten electrodes suppliers, we offer a wide range of options, including the following.

  • Ceriated Tungsten. Ceriated tungsten is used for all sorts of purposes, including for welding pipes, tubes and other pieces of equipment that require short welding cycles. It’s non-radioactive and starts at a lower amperage.
  • Lanthanated Tungsten. Known for its reliability in the welding industry, you can use these electrodes without having to disrupt your process.
  • Thoriated Tungsten. If you’re welding commonly used industrial metals, such as nickel alloys, stainless steel and titanium, then thoriated tungsten is a strong option for you, as it can even handle overloads.
  • Zirconiated Tungsten. Often used in AC welding, zirconated is known for holding up well in high loads.
  • Yttriated Tungsten. Our clients from the military and defense industries are often in the market for yttriated tungsten, as it is strong and can be welded at higher currents.
  • Pure Tungsten. An affordable option, clients that weld aluminum and magnesium alloys often opt for pure tungsten.

Regardless of the type of welding your company does, Eagle Alloys Corporation has the tungsten electrodes you need to get the job done properly. Our sales team is happy to help you have any questions. Contact us for more details.


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