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High Temp Alloys

Product Overview

Eagle Alloys Corporation has helped countless business owners and other clients by supplying superior metals and high temperature alloys, including high temperature alloys.  As seen above, we have a long list of high temperature metals available in round bar, though keep in mind; sheet is now available in all of our titanium grades.Best of all, our high temperature alloys are ready for immediate shipment; as soon as you place your order, we will prepare the delivery and likely send it out that day, or at the very worst, the next business day.

Our high temperature alloys are corrosion resistant, and they’re used by businesses in an array of industries; however, if you need a different type of metal or alloy, be sure to browse our wide selection.

Eagle Alloys Corporation is an ISO Certified Corporation and has been supplying the highest quality High Temp Alloys for over 35 years.

The following materials are available in round bar (Sheet is now available in all of our titanium grades). They are ready for immediate shipment.

If you have any general or specific questions regarding high temperature alloys, or would like to make an inquiry on a different metal or alloy, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Eagle Alloys High Temp Alloys Capabilities

Nickel 200
Nickel 270
Nickel 400
Nickel 405
Nickel K-500
Nickel 600
Nickel 625
Hy Mu 80 ®
Hiperco® 50
Super Invar®
Nickel 800H
Nickel 800
Alloy 42
Nickel 825
Titanium Medical Grades
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
High Temp Alloys

Medical Grade Titanium Suppliers – Grades of 6AL-4V & 6AL-4V ELI

Titanium is commonly used for surgical implants such as knee & hip replacements, dental implants, Pins, bone plates, screws, spinal fusion cages piercings & prosthetics.

It is also use for medical instruments such as needles, suture instruments, surgical forceps, scissors, dental scalers, drills, laser electrodes and tweezers. These high temperature alloys are very diverse and titanium is a vital part of the manufacturing community.

Properties & Applications

High Temp Alloys Typical Applications

High Temp Alloys Specifications (upon request)

Titanium is widely used in the medical field because it is resistant to corrosion, has the ability to join to the human bone, is light in weight, strong and is bio-compatible.

Common Industry Applications

STATEMENT OF LIABILITY - DISCLAIMER Any suggestion of product applications or results is given without representation or warranty, either expressed or implied. Without exception or limitation, there are no warranties of merchantability or of fitness for particular purpose or application. The user must fully evaluate every process and application in all aspects, including suitability, compliance with applicable law and non-infringement of the rights of others Eagle Alloys Corporation and its affiliates shall have no liability in respect thereof.


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