Invar® is made up of 64% iron and 36% nickel. Invar is know for it’s excellent properties of controlled coefficient of thermal expansion. Invar® end uses include glass sealing, clocks, laboratory devices, creep gauges, shadow-mask frames and valves in motors.

Rod: (diameters)
.040″ DIA X R/L.050″ DIA X R/L.060″ DIA X R/L
.062″ DIA X R/L .100″ DIA X R/L1/8″ DIA X 12 ft
1/4″ DIA X 12 ft 5/16″ DIA X 12 ft 3/8″ DIA X 12 ft
7/16″ DIA X 12 ft1/2″ DIA X 12 ft5/8″ DIA X 12 ft
11/16″ DIA X 12 ft3/4″ DIA X 12 ft13/16″ DIA X 12 ft
7/8″ DIA X 12 ft15/16″ DIA X 12 ft1″ DIA X 12 ft
1-1/16″ DIA X 12 ft1-1/8″ DIA X 12 ft1-1/4″ DIA X 12 ft
1-3/8″ DIA X 12 ft 1-1/2″ DIA X 12 ft1-5/8″ DIA X 12 ft
1-3/4″ DIA X 12 ft2″ DIA X 12 ft 2-1/8″ DIA X 12 ft
2-1/4″ DIA X 12 ft2-1/2″ DIA X 12 ft 2-3/4″ DIA X 12 ft
3″ DIA X 12 ft3-1/2″ DIA X 12 ft4″ DIA X 12 ft
5″ DIA X 12 ft
Coil: (thickness)
.007″ .008″.010″
.040″ .050″.060″
.015″x 24″x 72″.020″x 24″x 72″.025″x 24″x 72″
.030″x 24″x 72″.040″x 24″x 72″.050″x 24″x 72″
.060″x 24″x 72″.072″x 24″x 72″.080″x 24″x 72″
.090″x 12″x 72″.100″x 12″x 72″.125″x 12″x 72″
.150″x 15″x 72″.187″x 15″x 72″.250″x 15″x 72″
.312″x 15″x 72″.375″x 15″x 72″.437″x 15″x 72″
.500″x 15″x 72″.625″x 15″x 72″.750″x 15″x 72″
.875″x 15″x 72″1.00″x 15″x 72″1.50″x 15″x 72″
2.00″x 15″x 72″3.00″x 15″x 72″4.00″x 15″x 72″
5.00″x 15″x 72″6.00″x 15″x 72″

Invar and super invar® are iron-nickel alloys that are known and named for their resistance to thermal expansion. This steady, resistant shape in all temperatures makes them an ideal material for delicate measuring instruments, clocks, watches, communication devices and other sensitive machines. Eagle Alloys supplies Invar® and Super Invar® rods, coils, sheets and plates in various sizes and thicknesses to suit a wide array of applications.

Eagle Alloys supplies dozens of metals for machining, manufacturing and finishing thousands of products. All of our metals adhere to strict quality standards to ensure that your finished products, tools and equipment exceed your expectations. Top-quality parts, components and products begin with the best materials, especially when dealing with sensitive measuring instruments and delicate devices. We produce Invar and Super Invar according to your needs and specifications to build a product you can count on.

See the table for dimensions and details on each Invar® configuration and contact us today to place an order or discuss customization for your Super Invar® order.

All Super Invar products are custom made quickly to your exact requirement.

* Custom sizes furnished quickly by forging, hot rolling, or cold finishing.
We do not sell these products to distributors*

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