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Invar® / Super Invar®

Product Overview

Invar 36®, Alloy 36, FeNi36, 64FeNi, Invar Steel, Invar FM, Invar Free Cutting, Pernifer 36®, NILO 36®, Super Invar®, 32-5

Eagle Alloys Corporation (EAC) is a leading global supplier of nickel iron low expansion alloys including Invar® and Super Invar® in foil, strip, sheet, plate, wire, rod, bar, forged blocks and blanks. A wide variety of sizes are available from stock with immediate shipping. Eagle Alloys also supplies additional low expansion and controlled expansion alloys Kovar, Alloy 42, Alloy 46 Alloy, 47/50, 48, 49, and Alloy 52.

EAC can supply soft magnetic Alloy 50, Hiperco 50 & 50A, Vim Var Core Iron. Eagle Alloys Corporation is an ISO Certified Corporation and has been supplying the highest quality Invar® / Super Invar® for over 35 years.

If Eagle Alloys does not have your exact requirement in stock, we can offer competitive pricing with short lead times.

Eagle Alloys Invar® / Super Invar® Capabilities

Invar® Capabilities
Size Range
Typical Stock Size
Foil / Sheet / Strip / Plate
0.005" Thk up to 6"Thk
Rod / Round Bar
0.125" Dia up to 6"Dia
12 ft. Random Lengths
0.040" Dia up to 0.124" Dia
Forged Blocks
up to 200 lbs.
36"lg max Lengths
Super Invar® Capabilities
0.040" Thk
up to 0.125" Thk
0.187" Thk
up to 2.500" Thk
0.500" Dia
up to 12” Dia
*Custom sizes upon request

Invar® / Super Invar® Stock Sizes Same Day Shipping (subject to prior sale)

Same Day Shipping

Invar® Sheet

  • 0.010" Thk x 10.5" x 72"
  • 0.0015" Thk x 10.5" x 72"
  • 0.020" Thk x 10.5" x 72"
  • 0.030" Thk x 24" x 72"
  • 0.040" Thk 24" x 72"
  • 0.050" Thk x 24" x 72"
  • 0.060" Thk x 24" x 60"
  • 0.060" Thk x 24" x 120"
  • 0.062" Thk x 24" x 72"
  • 0.100"Thk x 24" x 72"
  • 0.125" Thk x 24" x 120"

Invar® Plate

  • 0.150" Thk
  • 0.187" Thk
  • 0.250" Thk
  • 0.375" Thk
  • 0.500" Thk
  • 0.625" Thk
  • 0.750" Thk
  • 0.875" Thk
  • 1" Thk
  • 1.250" Thk
  • 1.500" Thk
  • 2" Thk
  • 2.500" Thk
  • 3" Thk
  • 4" Thk
  • 4.625" Thk
  • 5" Thk
  • 6" Thk
  • ***Plate sizes will vary.
  • ***Best way to buy: Advise our sales team of your blank size and number of pcs. needed. You do not need to buy full sheets or plates.
  • ***Other thicknesses and widths available upon request.

Invar® Rod/Bar

  • 0.078" Dia x 36"lg
  • 0.093" Dia x 36"lg
  • 0.100" Dia x 72"lg
  • 0.125" Dia x 120"lg
  • 0.187" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 0.250" Dia x 72"lg
  • 0.312" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 0.375" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 0.500" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 0.625" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 0.750" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 0.875" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 1" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 1.125" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 1.250" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 1.500" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 1.625" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 1.750" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 2" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 2.250" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 2.375" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 2.500" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 2.750" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 3" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 3.500" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 4" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 5" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.
  • 6" Dia x 10'-12' R/lgs.

Invar® Welding Wire

  • 0.045 x MIG apprx. 25 lb. spools
  • 0.078" x 36 TIG
  • 0.093 x TIG apprx. 10 lb. packs
  • 0.093 x 36 TIG

Invar® Coil

  • Coil thicknesses from 0.005" Thk up to 0.135"Thk available

Super Invar® Sheet/Plate

  • 0.040" Thk up to 0.125" Thk
  • 0.250" Thk up to 2.500" Thk
  • *Stock sizes change often due to availability.

Super Invar® Rod/Bar

  • 0.500" Dia up to 2.500" Dia
  • Larger sizes made to order up to 12" Dia. Quick lead times and no minimum order quantity.
Invar® / Super Invar®

About Invar® and Super-Invar® Alloys

Invar® is made up of 64% iron and 36% nickel. Invar is known for its excellent properties of controlled coefficient of thermal expansion. Invar® end uses include glass sealing, clocks, laboratory devices, creep gauges, shadow-mask frames and valves in motors. Invar® (36% NI-Balance Iron) Alloy has been the high temp metal of choice for low expansion applications for years.

“Super-Invar®” (31% NI-5% Co-Balance Iron) has found some favor because it has a near zero coefficient of thermal expansion over a limited temperature range. The useful range of “Super Invar®” is limited to between -32° to + 275°C. because the material begins to transform from Austenite to Martinsite at temperature below-32°F Invar and Super Invar® are iron-nickel alloys that are known and named for their resistance to thermal expansion. This steady, resistant shape in all temperatures makes them an ideal material for delicate measuring instruments, clocks, watches, communication devices and other sensitive machines. Eagle Alloys supplies Invar® and Super Invar® rods, coils, sheets and plates in various sizes and thicknesses to suit a wide array of applications.

Invar® alloy is also available in a second variation know as Free-Cut (FC) Invar 36® or Free-Machining (FM) (UNS K93050 per ASTM-F-1684).  A small amount of selenium is added to enhance machinability for high productivity applications. Eagle Alloys supplies dozens of metals for machining, manufacturing and finishing thousands of products. All of our metals adhere to strict quality standards to ensure that your finished products, tools and equipment exceed your expectations. Top-quality parts, components and products begin with the best materials, especially when dealing with sensitive measuring instruments and delicate devices. We produce Invar and Super Invar according to your needs and specifications to build a product you can count on.

Invar Trademark Imphy Alloys, France Invar 36 Trademark Carpenter Technology Corp., Reading PA Pernifer 36 Trademark ThyseenKrupp-VDM, Germany NILO 36 Trademark Special Metals Corporation, USA

Above data is for informational purposes only.  Eagle Alloys is not liable for accuracy of these contents or applications. Finished part drawings may be forwarded to a third party for outsourcing.

Properties & Applications

Invar® / Super Invar® Typical Applications

Invar® Typical Applications
Super Invar® Typical Applications

Invar® / Super Invar® Specifications (upon request)

Invar® Specifications
Super Invar® Specifications

Common Industry Applications

STATEMENT OF LIABILITY - DISCLAIMER Any suggestion of product applications or results is given without representation or warranty, either expressed or implied. Without exception or limitation, there are no warranties of merchantability or of fitness for particular purpose or application. The user must fully evaluate every process and application in all aspects, including suitability, compliance with applicable law and non-infringement of the rights of others Eagle Alloys Corporation and its affiliates shall have no liability in respect thereof.


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