Hafnium finished parts and the following size ranges are available with quick lead times, the highest of quality and the best pricing in the industry.

Hafnium Guide

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.125″-4″ Thickness.250″-12″ Width
Finished Parts:
Custom made to order with quick lead times
Rod: (Diameters)
Sheet: (Thickness)
.010″ – 4.00″
Sputtering Targets:
Custom made to order with quick lead times
Wire: (Diameters)
.003″ – .090″

Hafnium Guide

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Eagle Alloys has been supplying high quality metals to clients for more than 30 years now, and one particular type of metal that we currently carry is called hafnium. While it doesn’t have many technical uses, it is often utilized to create control rods that are used for nuclear reactors. As an official hafnium supplier, we can provide you and your company with the hafnium you need, whether it be in the form of bars, rods, sheets, foil or wire.

Hafnium Wire

Eagle Alloys is the hafnium wire supplier that is able to provide it to you in a range of different diameters. At this time, we can provide you with wire for sale that is anywhere from .003” to .090” thick. We can also help you pick out the diameter that will work best for your specific needs, if you’re not already sure what is required.

Hafnium Bars & Rods

Much like the hafnium wire we have in stock, we also carry hafnium bars for sale in many different sizes. You can get bars with a thickness between .125” and 4” and a width between .250” and 12”.

The hafnium rods for sale through Eagle Alloys come in 10 different diameters. You can get access to hafnium rods with a diameter of .0625”, .125”, .250”, .3125”, .4375”, .500”, .625”, .750”, .875”, or 1.00”.

Hafnium Sheets & Foil

As a hafnium supplier, we can provide you with hafnium sheets cut to your specific thickness requirements. Our hafnium sheets supply includes thicknesses that run from .010” all the way up to 4.00”.

If hafnium foil for sale is what you need, Eagle Alloys is happy to help you out. We are a hafnium supplier of foil that is .002” up to .009” in .001” increments. Just let us know what size you need and we’ll make sure to deliver as quickly as possible.

Finished Parts – Custom Made Hafnium Designs Based on Your Specs

There are times when our clients need finished parts with custom-made hafnium designs based on their unique specs. The finished parts at Eagle Alloys are custom-made to order with quick lead times.

All of the hafnium bars, wire, bars, rods, sheets, foil and wire for sale through Eagle Alloys are of the highest quality and will arrive at your destination quickly when you order. We also offer some of the best pricing in the industry and know you will be satisfied with your purchase. Call us at 800-237-9012 today to place an order.