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    Eagle Alloys Corporation (EAC) is the leading global supplier of Tantalum custom sizes and custom grades and custom alloys with short lead times.

    Eagle Alloys Corporation can supply Tantalum custom sizes from 0.003” Dia up to 8” Dia and square or rectangular custom sizes from 0.001” Thk up to 4” Thk.

    Eagle Alloys Corporation is an ISO Certified Corporation and have been supply the highest quality Tantalum custom sizes for over 35 years.

    In addition to commercially pure Tantalum EAC also supplies Medical Grade Tantalum, and Tantalum Alloys Ta2.5%W, Ta7.5%W, Ta10%W, Ta40%Columbium (Niobium).

    Tantalum custom sizes are typically supplied to meet the requirements of ASTM-B-708, ASTM-B-365, ASTM-B-521, ASTM-F-560, AMS 7847, AMS 7848, ISO 13782, RO5200, RO5400, RO5255, RO5252, RO5240.

    Eagle Alloys supplies DRC Conflict Free material.  EAC only sources our Tantalum custom sizes from Level 1 smelters.

    Tantalum applications include capacitators, vacuum furnaces, chemical processing equipment, nuclear reactors, aircraft parts, ballistics, surgical implants and closures, dental implants and instruments, mesh, crucibles, heat exchangers, condensers, helical coils, valve linings, engine turbine blades, semiconductors, cemented carbide cutting tools, sputtering targets, fasteners, thermowells, valve bodies, orthopedic implants, magnetic and radiation shielding, marker bands, single crystal, flanges, and penetrators.

    Eagle Alloys Tantalum Custom Sizes Capabilities

    Min Size
    Max Size
    Size Range
    Tantalum Custom Sizes (Round)
    0.003” Dia
    8" Dia
    0.003” Dia up to 8" Dia
    Tantalum Custom Sizes (Square/Rectangle
    0.001" Thk
    4" Thk
    0.001" Thk up to 4" Thk
    *Custom sizes upon request

    Tantalum Custom Sizes Stock Sizes Same Day Shipping (subject to prior sale)

    Tantalum Custom Sizes
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    Common Industry Applications

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