Excellent machinability and drilling characteristics produced by a winning combination of controlled composition and cold finishing. Unique combination of in-service performance and manufacturing productivity that ensure superior wear resistance, tighter tolerances, exemplary surface finish and consistency. 4032 Aluminum eliminates the need for hard coat anodizing used in high temperature forging applications.

Deltalloy® 4032 Values:
High Wear Resistance (uniform microstructure)Low Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionGood to Excellent Machinability
Good WeldabilityGood Corrosion ResistanceAbility to replace 12L14 steel based on wear resistance
Reduced product flow time (elimination of anodizing)Eliminate environmental issues associated with anodizing
General Characteristics:
Excellent machinability and drilling characteristics when using single-point or multi-spindle screw machines.Excellent surface finish using polycrystalline or carbide tooling.Superior wear-resistance eliminates the need for hard coat anodizing.
High strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion.
Typical Uses:
Master brake cylindersTransmission valvesCopler parts
Bushings for rack and pinion steering systemsSound recording devicesBearings and hydraulic applications
4032 Aluminum Forged pistons
1/8″ Dia3/16″ Dia1/4″ Dia
5/16″ Dia1/2″ Dia3/4″ Dia
3/4″ Dia7/8″ Dia1″ Dia
2-1/2″ Dia
Sheet Thicknesses:

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