Common Uses for Industrial Copper

How much do you know about copper? Here are some basics: it’s electrically conductive, malleable, and corrosion-resistant. It’s used in several industries, including manufacturing and construction, in things such as circuit boards and roofing sheets.

Copper can often be found in the form of blanks, flats, bars, plates and sheet stock. It can be used for electrical conductors, ball floats and electronic parts. When put into copper foil rolls, copper can be shaped for embossing and tooling tasks, too. It can be used to help create heat exchangers, transformers and more.

Where Copper Is Prominently Used

Where is industrial copper used? You’ll find that it’s popular in building construction as well as power generation and transmission. When industrial machinery and/or transportation vehicles are being produced, copper is oftentimes a component. From electrical grids to home appliances, copper is quite ubiquitous.

Did you know that copper, gold and silver are the three main metals that have helped advance human civilization over thousands of years? Copper is thankfully abundant. About three-quarters of the world’s copper consumption is for electrical and electronics products thanks to its excellent electrical conductivity.

Copper is most often found/produced in countries like China, the U.S., and Peru, while China is the largest consumer of refined copper, globally.

If you were to take apart a building, you’d likely find copper in wiring, water pipes, refrigeration lines, heat pumps and HVAC systems. And if you were to look around a house and see cell phones, laptops, TVs, power tools and even robotic vacuum cleaners, all of those utilize copper, too! Walk outside and see cars, planes, railways, etc.– they’re all using copper as well.

Visit an industrial site and you’d discover much of the machinery and equipment contains copper, whether it’s in copper pipes, electrical motors, evaporators, condensers, or valves, etc.

Copper is important to the planet.

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