How to Find the Right Industrial Metal Fabricator

For several decades now, Eagle Alloys has been supplying a wide variety of top-quality materials including industrial metals to leading companies in many industries.

How can you find “the right” industrial metal fabricator? Well, for starters, you can call Eagle Alloys at 800-237-9012 to discuss your needs and see if it’s a good fit… but you can also read on, and see what some key considerations should be.

Knowledge and Equipment

First, what’s a company’s capability? Does the fabricator you have in mind have the experience and equipment necessary to complete your project? Do they have enough workers (especially in these pandemic times) to get the job done fairly quickly?

Quality Control

Next, everyone always wants and expects quality, though it can sometimes be hard to find these days. So quality is a factor. With that in mind, does the fabricator you’re interested in comply with industry standards? Do they have certifications such as ISO-9001, ASME, PED, or TUV? Does the company care about quality and are they proud of their work? Obviously, you want to pick a company that does its job well and has a good reputation among its peers.

Customer Support

Thirdly, customer support is paramount! There are so many companies who barely answer their phone and take way too long to even reply to an inquiry, and that’s not good. You want to work with a fabricator who communicates with you in a friendly, timely, and helpful manner.


Finally, experience counts. If you can find a company that has been in business not just months or years but several decades, like Eagle Alloys, then you can trust they’ve done a lot of things well over the years in order to stay in business. Furthermore, a company that has been around awhile tends to have workers with lots of experience who know their jobs extremely well. That’s who you want to work with!