Selecting the Right Aluminum Bar For Your Company’s Needs

Known for corrosion resistance and a high strength to weight ratio so it’s typically a lighter weight than other options, Aluminum bar meets a lot of company’s needs. It can be bent and shaped in a number of ways. It’s also hygienic and ductile, with good thermal and electrical conductivity as well as reflexivity.

Varied Shapes

Aluminum bar shapes vary. Where do round bar shapes do well? They’re used in railroading, aerospace and trucking industries. Square bar shapes work well in aerospace, medical, construction and automotive industries. And rectangular, aka “flat bar?” This shape is popular for use in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, marine, and medical, among others.

4032 Aluminum

Eagle Alloys Corporation is the leading global supplier of 4032 Aluminum. This round bar is used in a variety of applications including laser weld covers for microwave integrated circuits, sound recording devices, copier parts, brake master cylinders, transmission valves, bushings for rack and pinion steering systems, bearings, hydraulic applications and forged pistons. 4032 bar is suggested for applications requiring wear and abrasion resistance. For more specifics, check out this webpage.

4047 Aluminum

Eagle Alloys is also the leading global supplier 4047 Aluminum. Ever popular, 4047 Aluminum bar is used in a variety of applications including liners, laser weld covers for microwave integrated circuits and other similar devices, housing, joining material within the Aluminum family of alloys, engine blocks, welding filler wires and leak tight joints. For more info, check out this webpage.

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