Tungsten Has Become a Vital Industrial Metal

Eagle Alloys deals with pure tungsten, copper tungsten, and tungsten alloy. Available in foil, strip, sheet, plate, wire, pins, rod, bar, blanks, pipe, tubing, fittings, nozzles, and crucibles as well as semi-finished and finished parts, tungsten from Eagle Alloys comes in custom sizes and grades.

Tungsten Has Many Uses

Tungsten is a vital industrial metal. It’s used in incandescent light bulb filaments. Back in the early 1900s, a Russian man suggested using tungsten in light bulbs. In the U.S., this idea took root, with tungsten wires made by pressing, remelting, spin-forging and drawing processes of tungsten powder in order to truly develop the lighting industry. Generations of people can thank smart inventors for using tungsten to help light their worlds.

Today, China is the main producer of tungsten, followed by Russia and Canada. Thankfully, tungsten reserves are abundant in the world.

Why Tungsten Is So Important

Why is tungsten a vital industrial metal? Well, its density is very high– close to that of gold– and it also has very high hardness. Meanwhile, it has good electrical and thermal conductivity. Tungsten has the highest melting point among all non-alloy metals. It’s extremely high heat resistant property makes it great for many industrial applications. At room temperature, it doesn’t react with air and water. Its chemical properties are very stable. All of these aforementioned characteristics make tungsten great for uses like smelting high-quality steel.

Tungsten is used in many ways. It can be used, for example, to make guns, nozzles for rocket thrusters, metal cutting blades, drills, hard molds, and more. So many industries use it, including mining, machinery, construction, transportation, electronics, aerospace, military, textile, etc. Tungsten is valuable because it can be used to make wear-resistant materials used in sectors like metalworking, mining, and construction.

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