What Are the Advantages of Pipes Made From Nickel Alloy?

Are you wondering what kind of piping to get? Eagle Alloys is a supplier of nickel alloy pipe and tubing, using Inconel® (resistant to 1170 degrees Celsius), Monel®, and Incoloy® alloys. Whether for everyday uses, or high-stress industrial, energy or chemical environments, nickel alloy is a great choice because of its high resistance to corrosion, heat, pressure and warping. 

Corrosion Resistant

When you need piping that’s incredibly resistant to corrosion, nickel alloy is a smart choice. Nickel is slow to oxidize at room temperature. High-performance nickel alloys are resistant to things like reducing media, aggressive chemicals and seawater. 

Heat Resistant

How about heat resistance? Industrial environments can get HOT! Nickel alloys, though, can handle/withstand heat well. It’s no wonder that nickel alloy is used in things like heat exchanger piping. 

A Low Rate of Thermal Expansion

As for pressure and warping, nickel alloys have a low rate of thermal expansion. You don’t want to use a material that changes area, shape or volume when exposed to high temperatures, right? Then use nickel alloys. They’ll keep their size and shape. In fact, they are known for good shape memory– which is something most metal alloys are NOT known for. Nickel alloys also exhibit magnetic permeability– another bonus. You’ll find nickel alloy piping and tubing used in things like generators, motors, turbines and power plants. 

Resistant to stress corrosion cracking and some acids, nickel alloys are used for tanks, heat exchangers, furnace parts and often found in chemical plants. 

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