What is Rhenium Used For?

Rhenium is an extremely rare metal that has a range of different characteristics that make it ideal for many purposes today. It has the highest boiling point of any of the elements on the periodic table, and it has one of the highest melting points. As a result of this, rhenium is often used for its heat-resistant properties. Gasoline producers and jet engine manufacturers have both turned to rhenium often over the years and have found rhenium to be an incredibly effective element.

There are so many uses for rhenium, but there are a handful of common uses for it that have made it beneficial for many companies. Rhenium is often paired with platinum, with the two being used as catalysts during the production process for high-octane gasoline that is also lead-free. Additionally, rhenium is used to build many jet engines, and it is also utilized in the filaments that are used in spectrographs. There are even some electrical contact materials that contain rhenium. There are so many uses for rhenium due to its impressive properties.

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