Why Rhenium Is Important to Many Industries

Eagle Alloys sells a variety of metals, including rhenium. It’s a chemical element that’s classified as a transition metal.


First discovered in 1925 in Germany, rhenium was first found in platinum ores and columbite. Its compounds include oxides, halides and sulfides. It is one of five major refractory metals, known to have high resistance to heat and wear.


What is rhenium used for? One major use is for producing lead-free, high-octane gasoline when used in conjunction with platinum. It’s also used in alloys that help make jet engines, as well as for filaments for mass spectrographs and ion gauges. Since it’s very hard, it resists corrosion. You might find it in turbine engines and/or rocket motors– it’s an ideal metal for use at extremely high temperatures. Rhenium also works well as electrical contact material since it not only has good wear resistance, but is able to withstand arc corrosion as well. You might find rhenium used in thermocouples, in wire used in flash lamps (for photography) and in additives to certain alloys in order to increase ductility, especially for use at higher temperatures.

Rhenium Suppliers

Eagle Alloys has rhenium available in a variety of forms, including foil, plate, rod, powder, pellets and wire. Specifically, Eagle Alloys supplies commercially pure rhenium (Re), molybdenum-rhenium alloys (Mo-Re), and tungsten-rhenium alloys (W-Re) in foil, ribbon, strip, sheet, plate, wire, rod, bar, powder, pellets, blanks, pipe, tubing and electrodes, as well as semi-finished and finished parts, custom sizes and custom grades.

Eagle Alloys is an ISO-certified corporation and has been supplying the highest quality rhenium for over 35 years. If your exact requirement is not in stock, know that Eagle Alloys will offer competitive pricing with short lead times.

For more info about rhenium and rhenium alloys, please call 800-237-9012 or email sales@eaglealloys.com. Eagle Alloys is based in Talbott, Tennessee.