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Common Uses of Nickel

When most people hear the word “nickel,” they commonly associate it with the nickel coin worth five cents in America. That said, nickel is also known as a silvery-white metal you could find in the earth’s crust, typically in hydrothermal veins and in surface deposits thanks to erosion and the weathering of rocks. If you… Read more »

Where Do Industrial Metals Come From?

At Eagle Alloys Corporation, our mission is to offer the highest quality materials at the most competitive pricing. We work with quality mills and suppliers to meet the constantly changing needs of the market. So… where do industrial metals come from? Earth’s Metals Metals come from our planet– Earth. Mining companies dig for underground deposits… Read more »

What Are the Advantages of Nickel Tubing?

There are a variety of industries that rely heavily on nickel tubing. Nickel tubing has found a home in many oil refineries and chemical refineries as well as other facilities that have engines, generators, and heavy-duty equipment in them. Nickel tubing provides an array of benefits. Check out a few of the advantages of using… Read more »