How Are the Hardness of Metals Measured?

Before purchasing metals for commercial or industrial purposes, companies should find out what the hardness of metals are. Hardness refers to how effective a metal is when it comes to resisting plastic deformation and indentation. It also refers to how effective a metal is as far as showing resistance to scratching and cutting. There are a variety of ways in which the hardness of metals can be measured. Check out several of the most common hardness testing methods below.

Brinell hardness test

The Brinell hardness test is widely regarded as one of the first hardness tests ever used. It measures the hardness of a metal by pushing a heavy ball up against it at a specific speed. After this is done, both the depth and the diameter of the indentation left behind in the metal are measured. This helps illustrate the hardness of the metal.

Rockwell hardness test

Much like the Brinell hardness test, the Rockwell hardness test also calls for a tester to take a close look at the diameter of an indentation left in metal. This test calls for a tester to apply pressure to the metal using either a diamond cone or a steel ball in most cases. Pressure is applied to the metal once and then applied again to see what effect it has on the metal. A formula is used to calculate the hardness of it based on the diameter of the second indentation.

Vickers hardness test

The Vickers hardness test was first developed in the UK, and it’s seen as an alternative to the Brinell hardness test. It involves using a pyramid indenter to slowly apply force to a metal to see how it reacts. A formula that takes the applied force and the surface area of the indentation made in the metal is then used to figure out the hardness of the metal.

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