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Highlighting Common Steel Myths

Steel is all around us but there are still some steel myths that people assume to be true. What are some of those steel myths? Steel Is It’s Own Metal For starters, a lot of people say steel is its own metal. Is this true? Yes and no. While steel is a metal, it’s actually… Read more »

Where Do Metals Come From?

Where do metals come from? Well, they usually come from ores. What are ores? They’re natural rocks (or sediments) containing one or more valuable minerals– and these minerals contain metals. Metals, then, are usually dug up from the earth’s crust (mined), then treated and sold for profit. What are some key metals, as examples? That’d… Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Metal Fabrication

  The metal fabrication industry is an interesting industry with lots of statistics and facts, some of which might surprise you while others will have you saying, “I knew that.” Metal Fabrication Industry Facts For starters, if you want to work in the metal fabrication industry you do NOT need a license. That said, workers… Read more »

The Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabrication has several benefits. What are they? Find out here… Tailored Design You have needs, and you have exact needs. When you want to meet those exact needs, you can utilize custom metal fabrication such that you get exactly what you want and need rather than have to rely on a prefabricated design… Read more »

A Guide to High Temperature Alloys

Do you work at a company that deals with hot environments and/or extreme temperatures? If so, you might be somewhat familiar with high temperature alloys. When the temperatures are extremely hot, there are certain metals and alloys that perform well thanks to their structure(s) and the strength of the interatomic bonds within them. What are… Read more »

The Most Important Industrial Metals for Our Future

That smartphone you use to check Facebook, email and the Internet? That’s possible thanks to industrial metals. Indeed, many of today’s technological advancements are due, in part, to metals being used in ways that would blow the minds of people alive on Planet Earth just a century ago. Energy and technology rely on several metals,… Read more »

The Benefits of Steel Casting

Steel casting is a type of casting used when cast irons can’t deliver enough strength or shock resistance. Carbon steels and alloy steels are the two general categories of steel casting. What are some benefits of steel casting? When you have a choice of alloys to use, steel casting allows for great design flexibility so… Read more »

Prioritize Expertise When Looking for an Industrial Metal Supplier

When it comes to choosing a metal supplier, you want a true expert. If you look up the word “true” in a dictionary, the words steadfast, loyal, honest, and accurate come up. Then, if you look up the word “expert,” you’d see it means “having, involving, or displaying special skill representing mastery of a particular… Read more »

What Are the Most Common Construction Metals?

If you were to visit a construction site and ask what materials they most often used, what would you find there? Typically, the most common construction materials include carbon steel, aluminum, copper tubing and stainless steel. These materials are commonly found in buildings all around the world. They’re used in all sorts of applications, including… Read more »

Things to Ignore Regarding Industrial Metals

Okay, so you’ve heard some things about industrial metals. But what things are true and what things are false/myths? Costs Are metals more costly to manufacture than other materials? Not these days. Thanks to today’s manufacturing technology, metal manufacturing is more affordable thanks to things like automation and advances in tooling machinery.  Are the lightest… Read more »