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Interesting Facts About Hafnium

Even though hafnium was only founded about 100 years ago, it has become a very important metal for numerous industries. Hafnium is often found in electric equipment, light bulbs, and ceramic. It’s also used quite a bit in the nuclear power industry. Nonetheless, the average person probably doesn’t know a whole lot about hafnium. Check… Read more »

What is Super Invar?

Super Invar is a low expansion alloy that is made up of about 32 percent nickel, roughly 5 percent cobalt, balance iron, and trace amounts of other metals and minerals like copper, aluminum, and manganese. It has been heralded because of its ability to demonstrate minimal thermal expansion at room temperature. It also exhibits fewer… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Custom Grade Metals?

Are you searching for metals you can use to produce parts for your company? Custom grade metals are likely going to be your best options for a handful of reasons. There is a long list of benefits that come along with putting custom grade metals to good use. Let’s check out some of the advantages… Read more »

Why Many Businesses Prefer Aluminum Metal

Take a look around you right now. Chances are, you’ll spot at least a few things that are made out of aluminum. From smartphones and computers to cars and airplanes, businesses use aluminum to make many of their products. Let’s take a look at why so many companies prefer to use aluminum over many other… Read more »

Things to Look For When Selecting the Right Metal Supplier

Are you currently searching for a metal supplier? If so, you should make sure that you go with a company capable of providing you with a wide array of products, including everything from aluminum and nickel to tungsten and zirconium. You should also look for a company that has certain other characteristics. Here are a… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Aluminum Sheet Metal?

Are you looking for the right material to use for fabrication purposes? There will be no shortage of options. You can use everything from plastic to steel for all your fabrication needs. However, aluminum sheet metal might very well be your best option. Just take a look at some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Aluminum

There are a wide range of items you use made from aluminum. From bicycle frames and ladders to mailboxes and window frames to patio furniture and even car rims, you can find aluminum in so many different items. And of course, just about everyone is familiar with the aluminum foil used to wrap up leftovers… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Zirconium

Zirconium is a highly ductile and malleable metal that has a melting point of 3,371 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,855 degrees Celsius. It’s also very resistant to corrosion, which is why you’ll find zirconium used in many pumps, valves, heat exchangers, and more. You’ll also find a ton of zirconium in the nuclear power industry. It… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Invar

First discovered all the way back in the late 1800s, Invar is an alloy that’s made up of 64 percent iron and 36 percent nickel. Although it was originally used to create things like thermostats for electric immersion heaters, it plays a key role in an assortment of things today. You’ll find Invar in electric… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Niobium

has one of the most interesting back stories of all the elements that have ever been discovered. Way back in the early 1730s, a scientist named John Winthrop found an ore in Massachusetts of all places and sent it over to England to be examined further. However, it sat untouched for the most part in… Read more »