Industrial Metal Manufacturing Myths

The metal manufacturing industry is vital to many other sectors such as aerospace and engineering, but it is often misunderstood. What are some typical metal manufacturing myths?

Low Tech

For starters, some people assume the metal manufacturing industry is low-tech or behind the times in some way. That’s not true. The industry is actually advanced and utilizing cutting-edge technology these days. Today’s modern machinery might include, for example, CNCs– computer numerical control machines. Just like most of the world has gone “digital,” metal machinery has as well. The industry isn’t afraid of using technology and/or computers to meet its needs. 

Bad for Environment

What about the idea that metal manufacturing harms the environment? Maybe in the past, but today’s processes reduce environmental impact. Thanks to sustainable practices and the use of renewable energy resources, the industry doesn’t pollute like it used to… and things like recycling and energy-efficient machinery have made quite a positive difference. You don’t see the dirty smokestacks around cities like you used to– at least not in the U.S. 

All the Same and Inefficient

Are all metals essentially the same? Nope– that’s a myth. Metals are unique and have different characteristics as well as applications. 

What about the idea that grinding is slow and inefficient? Sorry, that’s not true. Sure, it’s slower than milling or turning, but it’s not “that slow!” It’s actually quite precise and offers a superior surface finish quality. 

Can you think of any other metal manufacturing myths? There are probably more! That said, if you have questions about metals, alloys, etc., please call Eagle Alloys at 800-237-9012 or email Eagle Alloys is an industrial metal supplier offering custom parts, inventory management, delivery/fulfillment, distribution and other services. With competitive pricing and quality metals, you can count on Eagle Alloys to deliver what you want and what you need.