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Understanding the Role of Metal Alloys in Aerospace Manufacturing

Metal alloys play an indispensable role in aerospace manufacturing. Let’s take a look at the important impact that metal alloys play in the aerospace industry. The Power of Metal Alloys When it comes to crafting the marvels of modern aviation, metal alloys reign supreme. These incredible materials are the backbone of aerospace manufacturing, offering a… Read more »

Cool Facts About Industrial Sheet Metal

Leonardo da Vinci is best known as an Italian painter whose paintings are known worldwide even centuries after his death. Perhaps you’ve seen his Mona Lisa or Last Supper? Millions have, and marveled at his artistic creations. Now here’s where it gets interesting. Besides painting, da Vinci was a draftsman, sculptor, architect and engineer. He… Read more »

The Benefits of a Custom Developed VMI Program

Vendors and customers care about supply chains, right? Customers want to make sure they get what they ordered on time and in good condition, and they also want to make sure they have enough of what they need to do their work– at all times. Vendors obviously want to sell products to make money, but… Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Metal Fabrication

  The metal fabrication industry is an interesting industry with lots of statistics and facts, some of which might surprise you while others will have you saying, “I knew that.” Metal Fabrication Industry Facts For starters, if you want to work in the metal fabrication industry you do NOT need a license. That said, workers… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions of Industrial Metal Suppliers

What are some questions to ask a metal supplier? You can ask whether or not they’re ISO certified. If they are ISO certified, that means they’ve developed and maintained business processes (and performance) to appropriate quality standards. Industries What kind of industries do they supply to? For instance, do they specialize in just one industry… Read more »

A Guide to High Temperature Alloys

Do you work at a company that deals with hot environments and/or extreme temperatures? If so, you might be somewhat familiar with high temperature alloys. When the temperatures are extremely hot, there are certain metals and alloys that perform well thanks to their structure(s) and the strength of the interatomic bonds within them. What are… Read more »

The Benefits of Steel Casting

Steel casting is a type of casting used when cast irons can’t deliver enough strength or shock resistance. Carbon steels and alloy steels are the two general categories of steel casting. What are some benefits of steel casting? When you have a choice of alloys to use, steel casting allows for great design flexibility so… Read more »

Alloy Steel vs. Carbon Steel: A Guide

So, you find yourself comparing materials for your company and you see two options: alloy and carbon steel. The difference may be minuscule, but it  can make a large impact. There’s truly no right or wrong way to go in alloy vs. carbon steel but knowing the differences can prepare you to make the best… Read more »

Prioritize Expertise When Looking for an Industrial Metal Supplier

When it comes to choosing a metal supplier, you want a true expert. If you look up the word “true” in a dictionary, the words steadfast, loyal, honest, and accurate come up. Then, if you look up the word “expert,” you’d see it means “having, involving, or displaying special skill representing mastery of a particular… Read more »

Things to Ignore Regarding Industrial Metals

Okay, so you’ve heard some things about industrial metals. But what things are true and what things are false/myths? Costs Are metals more costly to manufacture than other materials? Not these days. Thanks to today’s manufacturing technology, metal manufacturing is more affordable thanks to things like automation and advances in tooling machinery.  Are the lightest… Read more »