Uses for Industrial Aluminum

Where would today’s world be without industrial aluminum? Manufacturers all around the globe use it to make things. Why is aluminum so popular? Well, it offers high strength coupled with low-density properties, and its corrosion resistance is important, too. 

What are some of the most common uses for aluminum?

Because it’s non-toxic, aluminum is used for many consumer goods, including packaged foods and canned beverages like Pepsi and Coke. Aluminum doesn’t affect the taste of foods or drinks. It actually can help extend the shelf life of items while it both holds and repels water. No wonder it’s used for so many things found in a typical kitchen, like cookware, utensils, foils and trays. It’s also commonly used for making refrigerators and toasters. Look around a typical  kitchen and you’ll find plenty of aluminum.

What about electronics? Aluminum is used to help make televisions as well as smartphones and laptops. Because it’s lighter than steel but tougher than plastic, it’s ideal for these electronic things while also not overheating– it’s a good conductor of heat.

Speaking of electronics, aluminum is used to power many homes and businesses because it’s easily formed into wires– so long distance power lines utilize it (rather than copper) in many cases. It’s also found in trains, planes, vehicles and even spacecraft (since it has strength under pressure). Other electrical uses include fuse boxes and satellite dishes. 

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