What Industrial Businesses Should Know About Aluminum

Eagle Alloys of Talbott, TN, sells Aluminum 4032 and 4047. Aluminum is a relatively light metal with a strong resistance to heat and corrosion, so it’s used in many industrial applications. Being easily malleable with good thermal conductivity, aluminum is flexible and formable as well as durable and strong– no wonder it’s popular. 

Industrial Aluminum is Used in Many Environments

Industrial aluminum is used in many environments, more so now than ever before. While steel and other metals have volatile prices, aluminum remains at a more steady price, and when companies do a cost-benefit analysis of aluminum they often find it makes sense to utilize it, even if initial material costs may seem a bit high. 

Industrial Aluminum Versus Steel

Steel and aluminum often “compete”– but aluminum wins because it’s one-third the weight of steel. It can handle load capacity while not being as heavy as a steel alternative would be, so it “wins out” for many projects. That said, is steel ultimately stronger? Yes. As you’d imagine, there are certain projects where steel makes sense, while other projects go with aluminum. Both are strong and durable options.

When heat dissipation or distribution is needed, industrial aluminum is a good choice because it has one of the highest levels of thermal conductivity among common metals. And if you want to avoid cracking, aluminum is quite malleable and can be used for intricate/complex designs– without cracking. 

Industrial Aluminum Uses

Today, industrial aluminum is utilized for fabrications ranging from chemical etching to digital printing and then some. Brushing and polishing help enhance its look. Many people like the aesthetic appeal of aluminum’s silver/white appearance. 

Interested in knowing more about the aluminum Eagle Alloys can supply you with? Please call 800-237-9012 or email sales@eaglealloys.com. Aluminum is available in foil, strip, rod, sheet, plate and bar along with some other options if you’re getting Aluminum 4047