Interesting New Research on How to Create Lighter, but Stronger Alloys

For thousands of years now, people have been taking various metals, blending them together, and creating metal mixtures called alloys that have unique properties that make them valuable to human beings. Some example of alloys that have made a big impact on the world include bronze, which is a blend of tin and copper, and steel, which is created by adding carbon to iron. But could alloys that are both lighter and stronger be on the way soon?

Interesting New Alloy Research

According to Space Daily, a group of researchers have found a way to create alloys that are lighter and stronger as well as more heat-resistant than many of the alloys that are available today. They have done it by creating what are called “high-entropy” alloys that are made up of several different metals mixed in together in almost equal parts. By taking this approach, the researchers have found that they can create alloys that have different properties than traditional alloys. Space Daily notes that they have unique mechanical, magnetic, and electrical properties and that they seem to be superior to many of today’s alloys.

At this time, researchers have not yet figured out a way to make high-entropy alloys that can be used in the real world. But one of the things they have found is that subjecting metals to extremely high pressures seems to be the trick to creating high-entropy alloys that could one day find their way into real products. They have theorized that high pressure causes a disruption in the magnetic interactions between different metals, and that the disruption could help them manipulate the makeup of high-entropy alloys so that they can be used in everyday items.

For now, it doesn’t appear as though high-entropy alloys are going to be available to the general public anytime soon. But Eagle Alloys makes it easy for companies to get their hands onto many of the alloys that are available, including aluminum, nickel, tungsten, and more. Call us at 800-237-9012 today to find out about the high quality metals we can supply to you.