The Importance of Metal in Our Society

Did you know metals are all around us, and vital to life as we know it? Not only does your body need metals such as zinc and copper to function properly, but without metals your computers wouldn’t exist. Can you imagine not being able to check email or watch YouTube videos? It would be a very different world.

The earth itself has many elements, with about 80% of them being metals. Infinitely recyclable, metals are used in all sorts of objects and products, from cosmetics to batteries. Aluminum helped make modern day commercial aviation possible. Stainless steel appliances wouldn’t be around if not for nickel and chromium. Electrical power is able to travel long distances thanks to copper cables. Even new technologies involving solar cells use metals, such as silicon and cadmium. Metals are seemingly everywhere.

When items need to be stored or transported, they typically end up in aluminum or tin cans. The packaging industry relies on metals, as do most industries.

Because metals combine performance with affordability, they’re found in many consumer goods, like mobile phones, sports equipment, and TV sets.

Metal fabrication and stamping processes help produce accurate, custom parts for the national defense, aerospace, healthcare, and automotive industries, too. Things like fuel injectors, oxygen sensors, and brake systems work because of metals.

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