Reasons to Consider Nickel Alloy Pipes for Your Industrial Needs

Nickel alloy pipes are used in things like steam generators, aircraft systems, and in oil and gas extraction… Nickel alloy pipes have many benefits. What are some of them?

Slow to Oxidize

For starters, nickel is slow to oxidize at room temperature and that means it’s naturally corrosion resistant. Think of the many industrial environments where oxidizing media is present– it’s no wonder then, that nickel alloy pipes are used there. Furthermore, nickel does well against aggressive chemicals and seawater, too. Its corrosion-resistant properties makes it an excellent choice for pipes in several different corrosive environments. 

Corrosion Resistant

Besides being corrosion resistant, nickel is also heat resistant. As you know, many industrial environments get incredibly hot and materials need to withstand extremely hot temperatures. After all, you wouldn’t want to have pipes warping, corroding, or losing strength, right? Meanwhile, you have to have the right materials for safety’s sake. Nickel alloy pipes are good at withstanding high temps. 

Finally, consider that nickel alloy’s mechanical properties make it ideal for industrial operations. You want your pipes to stay their size rather than expanding, right? Well nickel alloy pipes exhibit a low rate of thermal expansion. They can also have good shape memory, too, as well as magnetic permeability, which comes in handy when used in generators, motors, turbines and/or power plants. 

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