Here’s Why There is a Growing Demand for Lithium

Gold, silver, and copper have historically been considered some of the most precious metals on the planet. But the truth is that lithium is actually one of the most important metals to humans right now. You might not necessarily spend much time thinking about lithium—and you probably wouldn’t ask your significant other to buy you a lithium necklace or bracelet for your birthday—but lithium-ion batteries are used to power up most mobile devices these days, which is why lithium has become such an essential part of our everyday lives. Without lithium, we wouldn’t be able to use our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

The problem with lithium at the moment is that, while it is an incredibly valuable resource, it’s typically mined in places like China, Chile, Argentina, and Australia, and those who supply the world with lithium are having trouble keeping up with the incredibly high demand for it. But there are a handful of companies who are convinced that the U.S. could be sitting on a gold mine—or rather, a lithium mine—right here in America.

According to MIT Technology Review, there are many people that believe there may be lithium located in Nevada’s Clayton Valley. These companies are currently trying to tap into these lithium reserves by using a process that involves drilling into the valley, flooding water into large pools, and then allowing the water to evaporate, which will likely leave behind the lithium salts that are used to create batteries. It’s an ambitious plan, but there are at least six companies attempting to mine lithium through this process now. It could potentially reap some huge rewards.

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