Things to Ignore Regarding Industrial Metals

Okay, so you’ve heard some things about industrial metals. But what things are true and what things are false/myths?


Are metals more costly to manufacture than other materials? Not these days. Thanks to today’s manufacturing technology, metal manufacturing is more affordable thanks to things like automation and advances in tooling machinery. 

Are the lightest materials the best because they’re so affordable? Not necessarily. Keep in mind that thinner and lighter materials often need more repairs. They also require more steps during fabrication which can add to their cost.


A lot of people are putting up steel buildings. But some people assume they aren’t energy-efficient because of the way they look. “They can’t possibly hold heat or cold well” is the assumption. Is that true? Nope. Steel buildings are designed to keep air from seeping in or out and special paint can be applied to the building to improve its overall efficiency. With that in mind, some think concrete is more durable than steel for structural products. Is that true? No– today’s steel structures are just as durable as concrete ones. 

Miscellaneous Misconceptions

What about galvanization? Is it too expensive? Actually, these days it’s more affordable than it used to be. 

Can steel be substituted for aluminum? Sorry, these two aren’t interchangeable. 

And, finally, some people seem to think American metal manufacturing isn’t able to compete with offshore companies on price. Overseas manufacturing, though, can be less stable and more costly– it takes a lot of money to ship things halfway around the world and some foreign companies don’t pay as much attention to detail or safety as Americans do! 

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