Here’s Why There is a Growing Demand for Lithium

Gold, silver, and copper have historically been considered some of the most precious metals on the planet. But the truth is that lithium is actually one of the most important metals to humans right now. You might not necessarily spend much time thinking about lithium—and you probably wouldn’t ask your significant other to buy you… Read more »

There Are Many Uses for Zirconium

Zircronium Periodic Element

Just reading the word zirconium probably brings to mind “cubic zirconia,” which is the world’s most popular diamond simulant. Zirconium and cubic zirconia are very different things, but the average person is likely to think they’re related because they sound similar, right? Cubic zirconia is a manmade thing, and you’re likely to find jewelry, such… Read more »

How Vanadium Could Help Solve Our Energy Problems

Have you heard of vanadium? It’s a metal most people haven’t heard of– yet. Vanadium could play a key role in delivering energy to our world in the years to come. First, though, consider Hawaii, which gets more sunshine than most states. Because of its remote location, Hawaii’s electricity costs more than three times the… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Metal

Metals are typically solid materials known to be hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile. With good electrical and thermal conductivity, metals are useful in so many applications and without them our world just wouldn’t be the same. If you want to impress your friends at a party, and they’re into“metals,” here are some interesting facts… Read more »

What Are Alloys? How Are They Made?

Alloys are found in all sorts of things, including dental fillings, jewelry, door locks, musical instruments, coins, guns, and nuclear reactors. So what are alloys and what are they made of? Alloys are metals combined with other substances in order to make them better in some way. While some people assume the term ‘alloys’ means… Read more »

How are Metals Found in Nature?

Metals exist in the Earth’s crust. Depending on where you are on the planet, if you were to dig looking for aluminum, silver or copper, you’d probably find them. Typically, these pure metals are found in minerals occurring in rocks. Simply put, if you dig into the soil and/or collect rocks, you’re likely to find… Read more »

The Importance of Metal in Our Society

Did you know metals are all around us, and vital to life as we know it? Not only does your body need metals such as zinc and copper to function properly, but without metals your computers wouldn’t exist. Can you imagine not being able to check email or watch YouTube videos? It would be a… Read more »

Metal Alloys Play a Crucial Role in the Aerospace and Military Industries

Just like people want to lose weight, the aerospace and military industries are always open to the idea of lighter metals being used to build their components since the lighter the load, the less fuel consumption required, thus saving money. If someone could design an aircraft as light as a feather, they’d revolutionize air travel,… Read more »